This is Beth + Ben

Potentially (most likely) your next favourite third wheelers…


We are in love with love


We love seeing others love and be loved. Next to cake and dogs, that is probably our favourite thing. After 7 years of photographing everything under the sun (concerts, real estate, portraiture, maternity… the list goes on) we always came back to capturing love. 3 years in to wedding photography, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Capturing real beautiful moments between two lovers is an incredible experience, and getting to make friends and drink wine along the way is a bonus.



  • Started photographing years back; anyone went to Matt Corby’s Auckland concert? That was me with a camera.

  • I grew up with a Great Dane, and I miss her a lot.

  • In my spare time I’m playing guitar or drums.

  • I’m probably the biggest Kings of Leon fan… Prepare for some music to be blasting on our shoots.

  • Half of Bentley is mine, and I love him.

  • I cry at most weddings whilst shooting.



  • The other half of Bentley is mine (bags the face).

  • I really enjoy coffee. It’s probably what gets me out of bed most mornings.

  • I, too grew up with a Great Dane. I think Ben and I will get another dog soon… The three B’s will become the four B’s (name suggestions anyone?)

  • I always thought I would be a firefighter growing up; but my lungs said no. Now that I’ve found this passion, I’m not so upset about it.

  • I come from a large family. Three brothers and three sisters all to the same parents.

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